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Digital PD, LLC was created to help educators like YOU improve instruction, culture, and the reflective approach to teaching and learning at schools across the world. You are one step closer to adopting a reflective mindset. Go ahead book a FREE consult!!!

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How often do you reflect on your instructional practice? We would love to help you strengthen the culture and instruction at your school.

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Service A: Professional Development Books

The Skin You are In: Colorism in the Black Community by Dr. Frederick White is available on Amazon at:!!

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume #1, How often do you reflect on your practice?  by Jami Fowler-White is available on Amazon at

Colorism: The “unspoken” ACE (A School Companion Guide) is available for purchase at

Contributing Author in Edumatch’s Edusnap in Education: Remote Learning Edition. It is available for purchase on Amazon at

Service B-School-wide Professional Development

Digital PD 4 You offers a variety of professional development which covers an array of topics. Click below to view our current list of educational topics. We also offer individual consultations. Let us know how we can assist you by booking an appointment.

Click below for a complete list of available session topics:

*Colorism & Implicit Bias

*The E.M.P.O.W.E.R Feedback model

*Navigating Change

*Using Teacher Reflection to increase student achievement

*Creating an Anti-Racism Classroom

*The Labyrinth of Leadership

Culturally Relevant Pedagogy

Engaging Students in the Virtual Atmosphere

Fostering Self-Care for Adults & Children

Service C-Other PD Resources

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume #1-Infographic Bundle

Each Reflection Tip in the Educator Reflection Tips series comes with an accompanying infographic which can be used as teachers implement the suggested strategies. There are 12 infographics included within this bundle. These 11 by 17 posters will gifts for educators.


Colorism: The “unspoken” ACE (Companion Guide)

The companion guide for schools to use during professional development on implicit bias and colorism. This electronic download is the companion guide to the first edition of Dr. White’s book, The Skin You are In: Colorism in the Black Community.


Thank you for the Colorism the “unspoken” ACE presentation. It is unfortunate that these forums are not available to everyone. There is nothing like first-hand information…

Debra Biehl

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