The Labyrinth of Leadership

What is the purpose of the Labyrinth of Leadership?

Leadership is a winding path with many intricate aspects which one must continuously study and reflect. I created the Labyrinth of Leadership to encourage educational leaders or those interested in developing their leadership skills. My purpose is to help remind each of you of the importance of developing a self-reflection routine.

When you begin to truly examine you current practices with the intention of strengthening critical areas and transforming the way you lead teachers and students, the results are increased academic achievement and instructional practice.

How to Use the Labyrinths of Leadership Tips

  1. Go ahead select a couple of the past Labyrinths of Leadership below.

2. Read the guiding question.

3. Study the accompanying bite-size piece of Professional Development

4. Commit to returning her to widen your view of leadership and adding us to you self-reflection regimine.

Educator Reflection Tip #64: Are you giving “focused feedback” to students?

How focused is your feedback? Have you been wondering how to assess learning loss, or what I call impermanent learning? If so, having a focused feedback loop is essential. When you think about all of the skills/concepts that are taught towards the end of the year…new skills, review of all skills, vertical teaming skills to […]

Educator Reflection Tip #74: Are you effectively managing student behavior?

We can’t hold kids accountable for things we’ve never told them we expect. Behavior should be treated like academics. Students have to be taught the skills the need.                  ~Erin Green, Director of National Training at Boys Town New beginnings are hard for all of us. Usually, we are able to practice before being publicly […]

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II (A Look Inside)

For those of you who are new to the Educator Reflection Tips book series, I wanted to create something to help give you an inside look at the topics discussed within the second volume. Below, you will find a video which will provide you with a deeper dive into 5 of the Reflection Tip topics […]

Educator Reflection Tip #79: Is your instruction “inclusive”?

Have you ever stopped to think about what inclusive practices look like in the hybrid classroom? As I reflect on 2020, I am amazed at how quickly things can change while at the same time stay the same. In the wake of vaccines that are being promoted as the miracle cure for the COVID-19 pandemic […]


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