The Labyrinth of Leadership

What is the purpose of the Labyrinth of Leadership?

Leadership is a winding path with many intricate aspects which one must continuously study and reflect. I created the Labyrinth of Leadership to encourage educational leaders or those interested in developing their leadership skills. My purpose is to help remind each of you of the importance of developing a self-reflection routine.

When you begin to truly examine you current practices with the intention of strengthening critical areas and transforming the way you lead teachers and students, the results are increased academic achievement and instructional practice.

How to Use the Labyrinths of Leadership Tips

  1. Go ahead select a couple of the past Labyrinths of Leadership below.

2. Read the guiding question.

3. Study the accompanying bite-size piece of Professional Development

4. Commit to returning her to widen your view of leadership and adding us to you self-reflection regimine.

Check out the Co-Founders of Digital PD 4 You, Unlock the Middle Co-host Dean and Chris, along with other school leaders from around the world as they discuss #NavigatingLeadership

Educator Reflection Tips (Snapshot #85): How often do you & your students review past goals to ensure you stay focused on achieving success?

The Power of Goal Setting “Moving forward” is an immensely powerful context for promoting growth. It teaches students to look forward to the future and remember that there is still time to work towards reaching a goal. Success takes time, so we want to make sure students understand that, by changing our words, we also […]

Educator Reflection Tips (Snapshot #84): Are parents left feeling empowered or defeated after conferencing with you?

How do parents feel after conferencing with you? Have you ever asked parents for feedback after these sessions with you. A few months I remember reading the following on Twitter ” I remember receiving an email from a parent. She wanted to brag on one of our folks. She wrote, Every time I talk to […]

Educator Reflection Tips (Snapshot #83): How often do you reflect on your ultimate purpose…educating students?

As educators we must maintain an empathetic mindset towards both our students and parents. This will require us to self-reflect on our purpose often.

Educator Reflection Tips (Snapshot #82): Are you promoting self-regulation in the classroom?

What is self-regulation and Why should educators focus on it? “No one likes the feelings that come when we think that we are not in control. In this particular time in society, it often seems as if we are NOT in control” (Fowler-White, 2021, p. 104). The Collaborative for Academic, Social, and Emotional Learning (CASEL) […]


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