The Labyrinth of Leadership

Educator Reflection Tip #77: Are you gradually releasing students during remote learning?

Graves and Fitzgerald (2003) specify that efficient teaching frequently develops through a sequence which  involves educators progressively performing a reduced amount of the work and students steadily presuming heightened accountability for their own learning. It is during this practice of increasingly taking charge of their learning that students develop into capable autonomous learners  (p. 98). […]

Podcast PD: Are you a trauma-informed educator?

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Sara Truebridge (#resiliencechat) challenged everyone to think of all experiences as lived experiences instead of automatically assuming that people will perceive these experiences as we do. She explained that some people will dust themselves off and continuing pushing through while others may call their experience trauma. Regardless of what […]


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The Purpose

The Labyrinth of Leadership was created for educational leaders who are interested in developing a self-reflection routine and truly examine their current practices with the intention of strengthening critical areas and transform the way you lead teachers and students and look at teaching and learning.

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