The Labyrinth of Leadership

What is the purpose of the Labyrinth of Leadership?

Leadership is a winding path with many intricate aspects which one must continuously study and reflect. I created the Labyrinth of Leadership to encourage educational leaders or those interested in developing their leadership skills. My purpose is to help remind each of you of the importance of developing a self-reflection routine.

When you begin to truly examine you current practices with the intention of strengthening critical areas and transforming the way you lead teachers and students, the results are increased academic achievement and instructional practice.

How to Use the Labyrinths of Leadership Tips

  1. Go ahead select a couple of the past Labyrinths of Leadership below.

2. Read the guiding question.

3. Study the accompanying bite-size piece of Professional Development

4. Commit to returning her to widen your view of leadership and adding us to you self-reflection regimine.

Check out the Co-Founders of Digital PD 4 You, Unlock the Middle Co-host Dean and Chris, along with other school leaders from around the world as they discuss #NavigatingLeadership

Educator Reflection Tips # 206: Considering the “Why” behind instructional choices?

As educators, we make countless instructional choices every day. From selecting curriculum materials to designing lesson plans, our decisions have a direct impact on our students’ learning experiences. However, it’s not always clear why we make the choices we do. This is where deepening our understanding of the choices you make in the classroom daily…

Educator Reflection Tips #191: Do you use student-led conversations in the classroom?

Why student-led conversations? Student-led conversations in the classroom have numerous benefits for both students and teachers. By allowing students to take ownership of their learning through discussions with their peers, they develop critical thinking, communication, and collaboration skills. Additionally, student-led conversations can increase engagement and motivation in the classroom, leading to a more positive learning…

Educator Reflection Tips #193: What strategies are you using to foster collaboration in the classroom?

Benefits in the classroom Fostering collaboration in the classroom has numerous benefits for both students and teachers. Collaboration allows students to develop important social skills such as communication, teamwork, and problem-solving. By working together on projects and assignments, students can share ideas and learn from one another, which can ultimately lead to a deeper understanding…


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