Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II (Book Resources)


“Reflecting on our experiences allows us to grow from them.  But how can we reflect and on what should we reflect?  This guide provides you the tools necessary to become a reflective practitioner and increase the impact you have on students’ learning.  And, it will help you feel even better about yourself as you realize the skills you are developing.”

— Doug Fisher, Author, San Diego University

… an impactful, yet practical guide full of essential information that allows educators to cultivate habits of effectiveness. As the profession that makes all other professions possible, education is essential. From first-year educators to those who have committed their entire career to education, everyone can find practical application from these advanced self-reflective questions and tips. The guidance found here will prompt individuals to embrace a growth mindset and create a culture of social and emotional wellbeing. This will ultimately help achieve the overarching purpose of every educator’s mission – greater student achievement academically, socially, and emotionally.  

— LaTonya Barnes-Sibley,PhD, NBCT National Education Consultant

Educator Reflection Tips, Volume II

About #EdTipsII

Have you ever wished you could choose your own path instead of having to read educational books from cover to cover? Come along as the journey continues in Volume II of this choose your own path series for educators…

I created this choose your own path book series just for you!! After reading the first 15 pages, you are FREE to choose your own path to strengthening your instructional practices? I think you are ready. Let’s begin…


Refining Our Practice

“Reflection involves internalizing all aspects of your practice. This includes examining, the good, the bad, the ugly—and then determining what you have learned from each experience. ”

What’s new in this volume?

The Educator Reflection Tips book series deepens teacher’s knowledge of using introspection and thoroughly examining all aspects of their instructional practice. Jami Fowler-White uses questions to provoke readers to think deeply about their classroom experiences and prompts committing to actions which will enhance teaching and learning.

No longer will you depend on the traditional method of waiting on feedback from administrators and colleagues. Volume II shifts your thinking and empowers you to develop the habit of routinely reflecting on your own practice.

You will be equipped with instruments to routinely begin considering where you are on the self-reflection continuum and use the tools provided to create action steps for improvement. How often do you measure the effectiveness of your instructional practice? Volume #2 in this series takes readers on a deep dive to determine habits of effectiveness in these critical areas: 

  • Classroom Competence
  • Critical Literacy
  • Cyber Connection
  • Classroom Culture

Study Guide (PD/PLC Resources)

The Case for Self-Reflection

How often do you think about your expertise in the classroom? Download this tool to assist you in thinking deeply about your beliefs regarding teaching and learning.

Go ahead and commit to improving yourself ….

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Competency #1

The Classroom Competency contains three Reflection Tips which are intended to help you think deeply about how you help students adopt a growth mindset, whether you believe learner personalities contribute to students’ academic effectivness, and strategies you are using to meet learner needs? Read more of this content when you subscribe today.

Click here to download Part #2 of the Companion Guide


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