Educator Reflection Tips: Snapshots #12-22

Reflection Tip #12: Do you have a growth mindset?

How do you promote a “growth mindset” for your students? To do this students must believe that their effort will increase their ability. I’m using these TEDTalks. Here is a link if you would like to try them as well #growthmindset #classroomtips #blbs #organizedbinder

Reflection Tip #13: Are you a Trauma-Informed Educator?

Everyone has experienced a traumatic situation. As educators, we must be mindful of the “do’s and don’ts of a trauma-informed compassionate classroom. Have you created a safe & trusting space for students to learn? Dr. Lisa Corbin shared this resource. Here is the link: #SEL #classroomtips #traumainformed

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Reflective Tip #14: What does your Teacher-Led Station look like?

What types of strategies do you use in your teacher-led station with students? If you need some additional ideas, to make this station more student-centered, @Catlin_Tucker has five designed a quick reference tool below. #classroomtips #learningisfun
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Reflection Tip #15: Teacher Descriptive Writing to Students

Upper Elementary Snapshots recently posted a resource which outlines how to teach students to write more descriptive sentences. What methods do you teach your students currently? If your students are not currently writing sentences that are descriptive. Visit this website to read and learn how to teach this strategy to your students.

Link to the site:

Reflection Tip #16: How are you currently using assessment data?

Have you ever wondered if you are using assessment data effectively? @MrDataGuy offers some insight to help us all reflect on our current use and if we are using assessments appropriately. #datadriven

Reflection Tip #17: Writing Matters

What strategies do you currently use to get to know your students and build a community within your classroom? Consider adding story starters/writing prompts to your toolbox.

Link to the resource:

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Reflection Tip #18: Fostering TeacherStudent Relationships (1/23/2020)

Research shows that teacher-student relationships are associated with improvements in practically every area that we measure. How often do you check-in & foster relationships with ALL of your students? #teachertips #relationships #

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Reflection Tip #19: Have you heard of sketchnoting?

Which method of note-taking do you use with students? Do you always use the same method or do you switch it up from time to time? Consider using this… #AVID #Classroomtips #k12 #sketchnoting

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Reflection Tip #20: Do your students persevere in Mathematics?

Mathematics Practice #1 requires students to be able to make senses of problems and persevere in solving them. As a teacher, you might be asking yourself what does this look like in a classroom. EL Education has published an exemplar video to help you visualize what this might look like in practice. When you have time, watch it to see if there are any strategies that you could incorporate into your instruction in mathematics.

Link to video:

Reflection Tips #21: Do you have an attention getting signal?

It’s important to get student’s attention from the moment a lesson begins. How do you keep your lessons fresh and new? The video below has 5 strategies that could help. If you find this video useful, consider joining the You can sign up for a free account and view tons of videos in a variety of content areas if you are a visual learning and need to see examples of practices in action.

Link to video:

Reflection Tip #22: Did you know that how students perceive the feedback you give can impact their growth/progress?
Depending on how you write feedback students could begin to doubt their abilities. I’m sure no educator intends for this to happen, so consider using “wise feedback” from now on. #classroomtips

Student Empowerment Practices

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