Educator Reflection Tips

Podcast PD: Are you a trauma-informed educator?

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Sara Truebridge (#resiliencechat) challenged everyone to think of all experiences as lived experiences instead of automatically assuming that people will perceive these experiences as we do. She explained that some people will dust themselves off and continuing pushing through while others may call their experience trauma. Regardless of what people choose, it should be their choice. As educators, our job is to provide support for students who may have lived experiences which dramatically change and/or negatively impact their lives. Listen to the Digital PD Podcast episode on using a trauma-informed educator approach towards behavior to learn non-clinical strategies that you can add to your current practices. Then if you are interested in learning about trauma from a different lens, you can read Dr. Truebridge’s full article below. Thanks, Dr. Truebridge for changing my mindset on this pivotal topic. From now on, I will be sure to allow my students to decide and continue to promote resilience.

Educator Reflection Tips #78-Are you reluctant to pursue your personal goals? Digital PD 4 You

As we embark on another year that will be filled with uncertainty and unsual circumstances, I began to reflect on the #oneword that I would use to remind me of the personal goals that I set for myself. For a number of years, I have set personal goals, but have quickly found myself pushing them to the side to pursue professional goals. Think about the goals that you have set over the past couple of years. Have you been reluctant to pursue personal goals? If so, why do you think you continue to push them to the side. We will explore this question and so many others as I discuss my personal reflective journey and overcome my reluctance to work towards accomplishing personal goals that I set for myself. Below you will find a link to resources which can be used to help you find your one word for the year, strengthen your knowledge about the pursuit of goals, as well as other resources that could be used to improve goal-setting. As always, thanks for listening to Digital PD 4 You and I will see you in a couple of weeks for Season #2.  Link to resources: — This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
  1. Educator Reflection Tips #78-Are you reluctant to pursue your personal goals?
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  4. Educator Reflection Tip: Are you using a trauma-informed educator approach towards behavior?
  5. Educator Reflection Tip #73: Are you using data to effectively inform instructional decisions?


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