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Educator Reflection Tip #63: Are your students practicing “good” Digital Citizenship?

Have you considered including content or resources you will use to teach your students to be good digital citizens and be safe when learning online into your instructional lessons? Something that you might want to consider including is lessons/discussions to ensure that the your students have knowledge about digital citizenship. In this time of remote learning, it’s important that students understand how to navigate the digital world, be given tips and/or best practices for platforms/online etiquette, that things that occur virtually are not imaginary they are REAL and last for a long period of time, and your digital profile and/or Social Media bios are often the first place that people go to learn more about you.

Things to include in discussion with students

Are your students practicing “good” digital citizenship?

1. Online Safety: Making Friends Online/ Stranger Danger

2. Safe Searching: Appropriate Search Engines

3. Digital Footprint/Digital Etiquette: How your online actions are perceived by others?


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