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Educator Reflection Tip #62: How will you structure your virtual classroom?

There are many things to consider when setting up your virtual classroom. I have included 5 tips to get you started. After watching my video tip this week, be sure to check out the resources that I have included below. These authors suggest many more tips to ensure that you have thoroughly planned for all aspects of teaching virtually and are able to maximize instructional time.

Questions to consider when planning to teach virtually:

  1. The Platform: What one will you use? Which tools or features does the platform offer?
  2. Classroom Groundrules: What will your classroom protocols be?
  3. Safety/Security: Will you assign a code/password and will have a waiting room?
  4. Instructional Format: How long will you spend giving direct instruction to students? How will you incorporate small group instruction? Will you be able to find innovative ways for students to collaborate with each other?
  5. Focused Feedback: How will you ensure that students receive focused feedback that will help them grow and learn?

Other resources:

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