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Educator Reflection Tip #51: How do you foster student agency?

‪During the past few weeks, we have all been forced to figure out how to talk to our family, friends, and more importantly our children about “inequities”. Have you offered to support parents to help them have discussions with their children? According to an article written by Dena Simmons in the March 2020 edition of EL Magazine, we must ensure that our kids understand racial oppression so they can speak up/speak out when confronted with bias, racism, and ‬oppressive structures.

When should you begin this process with kids?

I began having talks with my son when he was nine because I wanted to make sure that he understood the perception that some people have about African American males. It wasn’t easy, but it was necessary to keep him safe. We have the power to change the world if we teach all children of all races about inequity, implicit bias, and racism so that they recognize it and call people out when they see it. The children are our future.

Tips for Parents

Some parents do not know how to have these discussions. Let’s make sure they are prepared. I have included a toolkit that can be sent to parents. Be sure to read more about what the author says on regarding topic below. ‬#EducationalEquity #RacialEquity #LifeSkills #StudentAgency #VoicesOfTheFuture


Link to article:¢.aspx Confronting Inequity

Parent Toolkit: Talking about Race and Racism

How will you foster student agency?

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