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Educator Reflection Tip #50: Will testing contribute to students COVID-19 trauma?

How will your students react when you tell them they will be taking a “test” when schools reopen?

With all of the conversations that we have been having over the past few months in regards to the lack of COVID-19 testing, who needs to get tested, and/or when waiting on the results of our own or loved ones COVID-19 testing, it hadn’t occurred to me that when we return to school and tell students that they will be taking a test it might send some students into a panic. As I reflect with my staff and colleagues, I will be encouraging a more strategic approach to assessments. It might be a good idea to strike the word “test” from our normal day-to-day conversation. Perhaps we should consider just telling students that we will be gathering data to see if they understand a current standard, state that we trying to find out what they currently know, or that we will be looking to see where we can provide assistance to them. Whichever way we determine is the best way to explain how we will assess students. It will be extremely important that every educator is aware of the effect that the word “test” could have on our students. Read more about how we could curtail many of the assessments/tests that we have been using, test students less, and make the data that we gather more focused. Happy reading!!!

Link to article: Using Assessments|Tesing for COVID-19 Instructional Recovery

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