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Educator Reflection Tip #49: The COVID-19 Slide

Have you considered or begun to create a plan to combat the effects that the school closures that have resulted from the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our scholars? According to research the effects will be more devastating than the typical summer slide. Can you imagine that? As an educator, it takes us six to nine weeks currently to get students back on track after they are home for the summer. According to NWEA’s latest research, students could lose up to 70% of the knowledge they gained in Math and 50% of what they learned in Reading due to the school closures caused by the Coronavirus pandemic. What implications should that have on the instructional planning of schools and school districts? To gain more insight, read more in the article published by NWEA. A link has been included for you. Link to article:

How will you catch your scholars up post COVID school closures?

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